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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

High School District
All MVLA staff are issued a user account through ClassLink.  ClassLink can be accessed at Once staff are initially logged in to ClassLink, they will be prompted to:
  1. Set up a password recovery process
  2. Choose an image for two-factor authentication
  3. Change their default password
All of these steps are highlighted in the document below -
"Setting up Your MVLA ClassLink Account"
After staff completed the steps above, they will have access to:
  • Google Workplace account (MVLA Google Gmail, Calendar, Drive)
  • Aeries SIS
  • Canvas
  • MVLA HelpDesk
  • Any other course-related applications
All of these applications are accessible with a click; staff do not have to enter user ID's and passwords for these various services.  If Staff wish to use the Gmail app, etc on their personal devices, their user ID and p/w will allow for access to the desired service(s)

Access at

Staff Login Screen for ClassLink
Setting up Your MVLA ClassLink Account

Setting up Your MVLA ClassLink Account