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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Board of Education

The Mountain View Los Altos School Board is an essential link to our district schools and the communities we serve. MVLA’s Board of Trustees is a local elected body of five trustees who serve four-year terms and govern the high school district. The foremost focus of the trustees is to support the academic success of all students.
MVLA board meetings are held bi-monthly on the second and fourth Mondays (holidays excepted) in the District Office Board Room, 1299 Bryant Avenue, Mountain View. Meeting begin at 7 p.m. Schedules, agendas and minutes (as well as audio recordings) are posted online.
Trustees abide by the standards established by the California School Boards Association.
If you have any questions or need any assistance locating items related to governance, please contact Debbie Maher via email at or call 650-940-4669. 
The Board appreciates feedback from the community. You can email them individually on the 'Meet the Board Trustees' page, or email them collectively at