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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Update: 06/26/2020

Hello MVLA Students,

Thank you for your amazing input in this large exchange! All the tremendous rating you have already done has been so helpful. It has also provided you the opportunity to see the broad spectrum of specific thoughts. As you proceed, you do not need to rate all 1500 plus thoughts!  The first 30 thoughts or so present you a sampling of all the thoughts if you come back periodically; those first 30 provide you an appropriate/updated sampling.  Thoughtexchange includes a progress bar at the top (see 10, 20, 30...on the top). So don't feel like you need to rate every thought.

Your participation is updated each time a new thought loads, so there is no need to click a "finished" or "complete" button. Thoughtexchange intentionally does not label any of the instructions as the endpoint of the exchange because they also encourage you to return to rate more thoughts over the time the exchange is open. Here is an article from their site that contains a video walk-through of the participation process with some explanation behind these features:

If you have not yet had an opportunity to participate, the Thoughtexchange to gather your input as we plan for the Fall of 2020 will remain open through Wednesday, July 1st.  Please take a moment to share your thoughts and priorities with us. Your feedback will be helpful as we prepare for our fall semester.

Thank you for your contributions as this has created an opportunity for so much valuable input.

Mountain View Los Altos High School District