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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Update: 04/03/2020

Dear MVLA Students,
I have wondered several times over the past few weeks how you, our students, will look back on this school year, and the tremendous impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traditional school activities and relationships. A year from now, how will the dramatic changes to our lives have changed us for the better?
I can tell you one thing that the world’s events have strengthened for me.  Hope.  You are showing me, your teachers and principals, your fellow students, your friends and families many qualities that give me hope.  You are showing how strong, resilient, creative, resourceful, determined, and caring you are – and our community and world are better for it. You are our hope, and I thank you.
I am, like you, so disappointed at the need to cancel so many activities.  It feels like all of the wonderful things planned for spring – performances, championships, prom, senior week – were right at our fingertips, and are now suddenly and without warning ripped off our calendars.  It’s rough.  And yet, I have hope that we will be able to still create ways to celebrate your school year, especially our seniors.  
It may be too soon to try to plan an alternative to commencement, until we know more how long the shelter-in-place restrictions will stay in place, but I’m hopeful we are able to do something this summer before those of you going away to college must leave. I have heard ideas from you and from our staff, and I continue to welcome your creative and inclusive thinking, including ways to make your families proud of your important accomplishment with a family celebration.
Thank you for navigating these uncharted waters with all of us.  Please continue to be active participants in your online classes – our teachers need you as much as you need them.  Please also continue to take care of yourselves and your families.  Thanks to those of you who have made a point of giving of yourselves by volunteering, helping the elderly, and tutoring younger students in your communities. It helps build connections in a very uncertain time.  
With hope and gratitude,
Nellie Meyer
MVLA Superintendent
Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District