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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Update: 03/20/2020

Hello MVLA students and families,
We made it to Friday - what a week this has been both locally and globally. The resiliency of our community in the face of daily changes this week has been very uplifting, and I appreciate and admire the ways families are making the best of the situation.
Earlier this week, the governor stated publicly he does not believe school will resume in the coming weeks if at all. We received no further official guidance regarding the end date of closure and will continue to monitor.  As we do learn more, we will update the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on our website.
Our principals and teachers have worked hard this week to finalize the first phase of our distance learning plan starting Monday, March 23.  By distance learning, we mean that students are completing and submitting assignments online and interacting with teachers and peers using the online tools recommended by MVLA. 
We believe we have heard from most, if not all, of the families who need a computer or access to the internet at home to complete these activities.  We will be contacting families once we have all of the Wi-Fi hotspots and Chromebooks ready to distribute, hopefully by Wednesday of next week.  
Here is what to expect for the first two-week phase of at-home learning:
  • Students will use Google Classroom to submit assignments, ask questions, video conference and share feedback.
          We will work individually with students who do not have initial access to Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will use Google Classroom as their lesson management platform, sharing calendars, assignments and feedback.  
  • We will focus on reviewing previous instruction and providing students feedback on improving performance, rather than introduce new material
  • We will assign work for no more than four of the five school days.
  • All weekends will be homework-free.
Our teachers will share more detailed information with students starting Mar. 23rd.
Thank you once again for your continued partnership and patience. You can find continuously updated information on our website at
Nellie Meyer