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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


MVLA Update - 10/1/2020

update on distance learning

update on distance learning

October 1, 2020

Dear MVLA Community,

I am writing this letter to inform you that we will continue with distance learning until the end of the first semester. We have made this decision with the health and safety of our staff and students at the forefront.  We will continue to provide a strong educational program during the pandemic and plan many opportunities for students to learn and connect with classmates.

There are many reasons why we made this decision:
  • Health and Safety: The virus has impacted us in ways that our country is still in the process of digesting. We are in the most severe health crisis of our generation. The toll of the COVID-19 virus has impacted our friends, families, and colleagues. 
  • Instruction: When and if we need to rotate students on campus for teaching and learning, any transitional combination of in-person and distance instruction needs to balance instructional time and student access.  Consideration of the content area and the necessity of in-person instruction will also factor into prioritizing who returns for what purpose. 
  • Constraints: Social distancing 2,000 students and two hundred staff, rotating students through classes massively increases the risk of spreading any virus. Moving around before and after classes for students and staff must be done safely. We need to carefully consider how students interact as they use campus resources.
  • Monitoring: We continue to monitor county, state, national and international trends related to closures and reopenings. Evidence points to spikes occurring on school campuses across the nation. We are learning from positive examples as well as working to avoid mistakes made elsewhere.

What we are doing now and in the immediate future:
  • Equipping our campuses according to state and county regulatory requirements for health and safety 
  • Providing COVID Testing via El Camino Hospital 
  • Purchase more technology and other supports for learning
  • Provide professional development and distance learning support for staff 
  • Create increased small cohort returns when possible to assist disengaged students, students with disabilities, and English Learners
  • Share ongoing information related to MVLA as well as information from California and Santa Clara County

Prior to our second semester on January 5, 2021, we will continue to communicate our plans for return.  We are moving forward with care as we work toward a safe return.

Thank you,

Nellie Meyer, Ed.D.